Jan 31, 2014

Oh friday..

Hi guys!

Friday is for most people the best day of the week. It's the start of the weekend!
Well for me it's not that exciting unfortunately.
Because I have to work all weekend, and I'm feeling not well.. (don't worry, it's not because of the tea!)
I just have a flu or something like that.

Anyways, I was so scared of drinking the nighttime cleanse. Because of it's so said 'crazy' laxative effect. I didn't even had to go to the toilet!?  Weird, huh!?
So don't worry, it's not that extreme!

Also skipped my daily training yesterday, and still didn't do anything today. I just don't feel like doing it.. (BAD EXCUSE!)
I think I just have to move my ass from my bed, and just do it.
(If I want that summer body...)

Also thinking about posting more pictures here on the blog. Must figure out how to take good quality pictures. Since I don't have a professional camera.

My next post will be about the tea detox I'm using. So keep posted!


Jan 30, 2014


Hi guys,

I'm back on track! started some kind of a 'challenge' for myself. Just doing some squats and crunches/planks/ leg raises etc.. Just the basic -you can do this at home- training. And every day a little more. It's going pretty well actually. (although I didn't do anything today.. )

But two other great things happened today.
I bought myself a new macbook pro, so from now on I will be posting much more on the blog. Simply because it's so much easier to write something from my bed, instead of sitting behind the desktop pc.

Second of all, you may be wondering. Why on earth is the title 'DETOX' if she's only talking about her new laptop (like we care! )..
Haha sorry! ;)
But here it comes.. I started with the detox tea today! I thought it'd be smarter to start it when I'm back on track instead of taking it from the beginning..
And I'm sooo excited about it!

Will it work for me? Will I get more toned? skinnier?
Is the toilet my next best friend for the upcoming two weeks? (cause it's very laxative)

I don't know!!

But I'll definitely keep you posted!

Take care,