Feb 1, 2014


Hey guys,

as promised. This post will be about the detox tea I'm using..
It's called Bootea teatox and you can order it worldwide from here. The Bootea teatox comes in 2 packages. A daytime and nighttime cleanser.
The daytime teabags are for everyday use (as its's a detox of two weeks). You drink this tea every morning before-  (or like me sometimes, because of forgetting about it,  during- ) breakfast.

It tastes just like green tea. And I don't add any kinds of sweeteners to the tea. (no, not even honey ;-) )
The nighttime teabags are for every other day (so you have 7 bags of the nighttime cleanse), starting with day 1. Also this one tastes like green tea. However this one has a little more peppermint taste. Which is not that strong, by the way. I drink the nighttime cleanse right before I go to bed (before brushing my teeth of course haha).

So I actually finished day 3 today. And to be really honest guys, I actually feel kinda bloated?!
It's really weird, cause normally I always have to use the toilet after waking up in the morning. But since I use this tea, I just didn't had the needs.
Here's another point, I've been really ill the last days. (Maybe that also has an effect). So I haven't been able to train for 3 days now..

I promised myself not the step on the scale before I finish the teatox. But I can't wait to see what the scale has to tell me after these 14 days!

I'll keep you guys posted.
In mean time, I will try to get healthy again and get back to training.

Stay fit,


Jan 31, 2014

Oh friday..

Hi guys!

Friday is for most people the best day of the week. It's the start of the weekend!
Well for me it's not that exciting unfortunately.
Because I have to work all weekend, and I'm feeling not well.. (don't worry, it's not because of the tea!)
I just have a flu or something like that.

Anyways, I was so scared of drinking the nighttime cleanse. Because of it's so said 'crazy' laxative effect. I didn't even had to go to the toilet!?  Weird, huh!?
So don't worry, it's not that extreme!

Also skipped my daily training yesterday, and still didn't do anything today. I just don't feel like doing it.. (BAD EXCUSE!)
I think I just have to move my ass from my bed, and just do it.
(If I want that summer body...)

Also thinking about posting more pictures here on the blog. Must figure out how to take good quality pictures. Since I don't have a professional camera.

My next post will be about the tea detox I'm using. So keep posted!


Jan 30, 2014


Hi guys,

I'm back on track! started some kind of a 'challenge' for myself. Just doing some squats and crunches/planks/ leg raises etc.. Just the basic -you can do this at home- training. And every day a little more. It's going pretty well actually. (although I didn't do anything today.. )

But two other great things happened today.
I bought myself a new macbook pro, so from now on I will be posting much more on the blog. Simply because it's so much easier to write something from my bed, instead of sitting behind the desktop pc.

Second of all, you may be wondering. Why on earth is the title 'DETOX' if she's only talking about her new laptop (like we care! )..
Haha sorry! ;)
But here it comes.. I started with the detox tea today! I thought it'd be smarter to start it when I'm back on track instead of taking it from the beginning..
And I'm sooo excited about it!

Will it work for me? Will I get more toned? skinnier?
Is the toilet my next best friend for the upcoming two weeks? (cause it's very laxative)

I don't know!!

But I'll definitely keep you posted!

Take care,


Dec 12, 2013

Long time no see

Hey everyone!

Well that's hella long ago!
What kept me busy in the mean time?

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I didn't keep my training on track...At least, not in the summer..
It was a summer full of friends, hanging out and working.
But now the summer is far behind us, and yes I'm back!

I lost about 10 kg, according to what I weighted in february/ march last year. Do you see it? Well I don't..
I think I lost muscle weight, rather than fat.

Anyways, good vibes are back!
And I'm more than ready to train my ass off! After my finals of upcoming week, I'm going to get back on track like crazy.
Also ordered a detox tea, but I will tell you more about that later..

In mean time,

Keep smiling!

xoxo Es

Mar 25, 2013

Delicious and healthy 'chocolate' !

Hey everyone!

I have to admit, I'm a chocolate addict. But I don't want to eat all the crap of chocolate they sell in the stores, so this is my second time of making my own chocolate oat 'bars'. They are super delicious, and 'healthy'. And they kinda taste like snickers, definitely a win win situation for me. and they are at least healthier than chocolate from the stores!

Things you need:
- cacao (2 tblsp)
- syrup (instead of sugar!) (2 tblsp)
- milk (I use low fat milk) (half cup)
- oats (one cup)
(- muesli if you want to variate a little) (if you use muesli 0.5cup muesli 0.5cup oats)
- peanut butter

the amount of peanut butter you can decide for youself. If you want it more 'snicker-like' use more peanutbutter (like 3 or 4 tbsp).

How to make it:

use a little saucepan. put the milk in it, add the cacao when the milk warms up. stirr ir with a spoon, till all the cacao is mixed with the milk.
Put off the fire and add the peanutbutter, mix this all until it has a smooth mixture. Then pour the oats/ muesli and the peanutbutter-milk-cacao mix together. Make sure all oats mix with the milk, then put some syrup in it. and keep mixing. When you think you've mixed enough (It has to become a hard texture, because of the oats), put it in a plastic box (which you use for food). and push it in the box until there are no empty places in the box. (choose a box which will fit the amount of your mix perfectly). Then put it in the freezer, let it stay in there for a night.

In the morning it will be all harden up, then you can cut it in little pieces (like me), or you can cut it like bars.

Enjoy your healthy chocolate bars!

xoxo Es

Mar 23, 2013


Hey everyone,

In the mornings I'm always really hungry, so breakfast is the most important meal for me. And it shouldn't be only important for me, but for everyone! Because having a good breakfast is a great help to get your metabolism work better. Skipping breakfast is like driving a car with no fuel. (IMPOSSIBLE ;) ) I love to have big breakfasts with lots of lovely food. A breakfast which keeps me full for a couple hours, is a perfect one to me. Since I have to go late to class, I also wake up kinda late. (around 10 o'clock in the morning). I know it's better to wake up early (rise and shine), but I have never been a morning person..
Anyhow, I wanted to share some of my breakfasts. Just so you can see what they look like, and maybe you have good alternatives or suggestions to try next time..?

I usually eat one or two eggs every morning. They are full of protein and you can variate so much with them. I love them boiled, scrambled and cooked! With a little salt and pepper. Jummm
Zero fat yoghurt is also one of my favorites. It fills, it is really low in calories, and you can eat it in so many variations. With fruits, with muesli, with tahinpekmez (that's some turkish healthy syrup). With basically anything.
Earlier I ate like 6 maybe 8 slices of bread a day. Now I reduced that to 2 and max 4 slices. (ofcourse multigrain bread!)

Enough talky talky, here are some pics!

Learn to love your breakfast!
xoxo Es

Mar 20, 2013

negative and positive

Hi everyone,

As I told you earlier today, I'm trying to eat clean and try not to overeat. Now there's a problem, that when I stay home, I crave a lot. (And it seems like my mom likes it when I gain weight and get more curves, so she's making the most delicious food ever, which I mostly can't resist (VERY FRUSTRATING)).
Anyhow, so today turned into one of those days.
Even though I started with good hope and a good mood; today was not a good day. My mom's friends came over so she prepared lots of food (like: little breads made with white flour, milk, butter and cookies full of sugar, flour, butter). After eating them I felt like I ruined my whole diet plan, so I ate lots of m&m's and other chocolates too.
I know it's not a good thing to think you ruined your day, so you can just ruin it a lot more by eating other unhealthy things. (It's like dropping your phone, picking it up and smashing it down till it is totally broken). But I just couldn't help it.
I also felt a little demotivated because I haven't been able to go to the gym lately. Makes me feel so weak.

So, this was all the negative of today.
Let's talk about some better news!

I didn't want to end my day all negative, so I gave it a positive switch!
After doing some research on the internet about home workouts (since going to the gym isn't working for me) I found the Insanity workout. It's a 60 days workout which helps you to get stronger and fitter. Made by Shaun T.
First I thought starting on monday would be ok. But why waist 5 days with waiting? So I decided to start today!
And hell yes, this workout really gave me back my positive mood. I'm really motivated to push harder and dig deeper to get the dream body I want.
60 days will exactly work for me, because that's what's almost left until summer.

Summer here I come!

xoxo Es

PS: here is a short video introducing the insanity workout.