Mar 20, 2013

negative and positive

Hi everyone,

As I told you earlier today, I'm trying to eat clean and try not to overeat. Now there's a problem, that when I stay home, I crave a lot. (And it seems like my mom likes it when I gain weight and get more curves, so she's making the most delicious food ever, which I mostly can't resist (VERY FRUSTRATING)).
Anyhow, so today turned into one of those days.
Even though I started with good hope and a good mood; today was not a good day. My mom's friends came over so she prepared lots of food (like: little breads made with white flour, milk, butter and cookies full of sugar, flour, butter). After eating them I felt like I ruined my whole diet plan, so I ate lots of m&m's and other chocolates too.
I know it's not a good thing to think you ruined your day, so you can just ruin it a lot more by eating other unhealthy things. (It's like dropping your phone, picking it up and smashing it down till it is totally broken). But I just couldn't help it.
I also felt a little demotivated because I haven't been able to go to the gym lately. Makes me feel so weak.

So, this was all the negative of today.
Let's talk about some better news!

I didn't want to end my day all negative, so I gave it a positive switch!
After doing some research on the internet about home workouts (since going to the gym isn't working for me) I found the Insanity workout. It's a 60 days workout which helps you to get stronger and fitter. Made by Shaun T.
First I thought starting on monday would be ok. But why waist 5 days with waiting? So I decided to start today!
And hell yes, this workout really gave me back my positive mood. I'm really motivated to push harder and dig deeper to get the dream body I want.
60 days will exactly work for me, because that's what's almost left until summer.

Summer here I come!

xoxo Es

PS: here is a short video introducing the insanity workout.

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