Mar 25, 2013

Delicious and healthy 'chocolate' !

Hey everyone!

I have to admit, I'm a chocolate addict. But I don't want to eat all the crap of chocolate they sell in the stores, so this is my second time of making my own chocolate oat 'bars'. They are super delicious, and 'healthy'. And they kinda taste like snickers, definitely a win win situation for me. and they are at least healthier than chocolate from the stores!

Things you need:
- cacao (2 tblsp)
- syrup (instead of sugar!) (2 tblsp)
- milk (I use low fat milk) (half cup)
- oats (one cup)
(- muesli if you want to variate a little) (if you use muesli 0.5cup muesli 0.5cup oats)
- peanut butter

the amount of peanut butter you can decide for youself. If you want it more 'snicker-like' use more peanutbutter (like 3 or 4 tbsp).

How to make it:

use a little saucepan. put the milk in it, add the cacao when the milk warms up. stirr ir with a spoon, till all the cacao is mixed with the milk.
Put off the fire and add the peanutbutter, mix this all until it has a smooth mixture. Then pour the oats/ muesli and the peanutbutter-milk-cacao mix together. Make sure all oats mix with the milk, then put some syrup in it. and keep mixing. When you think you've mixed enough (It has to become a hard texture, because of the oats), put it in a plastic box (which you use for food). and push it in the box until there are no empty places in the box. (choose a box which will fit the amount of your mix perfectly). Then put it in the freezer, let it stay in there for a night.

In the morning it will be all harden up, then you can cut it in little pieces (like me), or you can cut it like bars.

Enjoy your healthy chocolate bars!

xoxo Es

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