Mar 20, 2013

How is it going?

Hi everyone!

Today is the third day of my clean-eating challenge. I haven't cheated at all (until now), so that feels great! I drink lots of water, like a minimum of 2L a day! Water is a big help to drop weight. Your body needs water to function. And drinking water will help fuel your body's fat burning processes.  I don't drink any other drinks except for water and green tea (with no sugar).
When I have cravings, I just take a tablespoon of peanut-butter (100 cal per tablespoon). It tastes great plus it helps prevent belly bloating. Further I snack on apples and carrots, they are super healthy, low in calories and fulfill my need for something sweet.
Don't forget to eat enough proteins (peanut butter contains proteins), I prefer to eat scrambled eggs. One of my favorite meals is scrambled eggs with half a pack noodles. So jummy!

Unfortunately my toes are injured so I can't go to the gym (it's been a week now). It's so horrible, because I feel like all I trained for is now disappearing. And that I have to start with baby steps again.
I really hope that it will be cured as soon as possible!

Love your body,

xoxo Es

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