Mar 23, 2013


Hey everyone,

In the mornings I'm always really hungry, so breakfast is the most important meal for me. And it shouldn't be only important for me, but for everyone! Because having a good breakfast is a great help to get your metabolism work better. Skipping breakfast is like driving a car with no fuel. (IMPOSSIBLE ;) ) I love to have big breakfasts with lots of lovely food. A breakfast which keeps me full for a couple hours, is a perfect one to me. Since I have to go late to class, I also wake up kinda late. (around 10 o'clock in the morning). I know it's better to wake up early (rise and shine), but I have never been a morning person..
Anyhow, I wanted to share some of my breakfasts. Just so you can see what they look like, and maybe you have good alternatives or suggestions to try next time..?

I usually eat one or two eggs every morning. They are full of protein and you can variate so much with them. I love them boiled, scrambled and cooked! With a little salt and pepper. Jummm
Zero fat yoghurt is also one of my favorites. It fills, it is really low in calories, and you can eat it in so many variations. With fruits, with muesli, with tahinpekmez (that's some turkish healthy syrup). With basically anything.
Earlier I ate like 6 maybe 8 slices of bread a day. Now I reduced that to 2 and max 4 slices. (ofcourse multigrain bread!)

Enough talky talky, here are some pics!

Learn to love your breakfast!
xoxo Es

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