Feb 1, 2014


Hey guys,

as promised. This post will be about the detox tea I'm using..
It's called Bootea teatox and you can order it worldwide from here. The Bootea teatox comes in 2 packages. A daytime and nighttime cleanser.
The daytime teabags are for everyday use (as its's a detox of two weeks). You drink this tea every morning before-  (or like me sometimes, because of forgetting about it,  during- ) breakfast.

It tastes just like green tea. And I don't add any kinds of sweeteners to the tea. (no, not even honey ;-) )
The nighttime teabags are for every other day (so you have 7 bags of the nighttime cleanse), starting with day 1. Also this one tastes like green tea. However this one has a little more peppermint taste. Which is not that strong, by the way. I drink the nighttime cleanse right before I go to bed (before brushing my teeth of course haha).

So I actually finished day 3 today. And to be really honest guys, I actually feel kinda bloated?!
It's really weird, cause normally I always have to use the toilet after waking up in the morning. But since I use this tea, I just didn't had the needs.
Here's another point, I've been really ill the last days. (Maybe that also has an effect). So I haven't been able to train for 3 days now..

I promised myself not the step on the scale before I finish the teatox. But I can't wait to see what the scale has to tell me after these 14 days!

I'll keep you guys posted.
In mean time, I will try to get healthy again and get back to training.

Stay fit,


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